About Us

We believe the best way to help people eat healthy, fight obesity and reduce their sugar consumption is to get them involved in their food.

Our microgreens are a perfect way to help educate people about the importance of growing their own food. They’re an ideal way to engage people of all ages, creating excitement as the microgreens grow and building anticipation for eating them.

By embracing the magic of microgreens you can take control of what you eat, with fresh, delicious, locally grown food. And because all our microgreen seeds are sourced from non-GMO organic suppliers, you can relax, knowing that no pesticides or chemicals were used during the growing process.

All our microgreens are made to order, meaning we sell freshly cut microgreens that stay fresher and healthier for longer. This also helps us reduce our carbon footprint and minimizes our waste.

At Simply Grow, we’re on a social mission…

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